Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mum and Joeys enjoying a feed of our lawn.

Mother kangaroo and her two joeys came into our back lawn to have a feed in the afternoon. Joey on the right is probably a year old. In the mother's pouch is a very young joey. It would occasionally pop its head out and have a little nibble, then disappear back into the pouch with just it's legs sticking out. Bella was inside with us and kept a close eye on them. They stayed for about 20 minutes before hopping back into the bush.

Some parts of the lawn got scorched a little while back during some very hot days, but it will come back.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bed of the Margaret River

In winter there is a raging torrent over these rocks but now there is just a tiny trickle. Bella enjoyed cooling off in one of the rock pools as she had been chasing a rabbit.

Discovered live mussels in several of the rock pools. The pools will be totally dry soon so they are very clever to survive that and the strong currents in winter.

Slipper Orchid

There are  two magnificent slipper orchids  at the end of our drive.