Sunday, May 24, 2009

Providore, Chocolate Factory and Gaby's Muesli Factory

Went to the Providore for lunch today. This is a restaurant on Harmans Road linked to the Coward & Black vineyard and also linked to the next door Margaret River Chocolate Factory. The restaurant has a garden attached to it and produces a range of condiments and olive oils as well.

I had an artichoke and potatoe pie with a lovely salad and Pam had a salad, both very good, as well as a bottle of their SSB 08 that was very refreshing. The setting amongst a vineyard was very peaceful and the service excellent.

The Chocolate Factory has recently been enlarged with an enourmous show room full of ...things made of chocolate - what else! You can stuff yourself silly on little buttons of chocolate tasters which makes you feel warm and generous so you immediately go a buy some chocolate for later or for a friend.

Gaby's nut and cerial factory makes toasted muesli that we serve for our guests. It is a very fresh and a lovely blend and I've arranged to get it wholesale which will be better for us as we have just been getting it from the supermarket before.

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