Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kangaroos in the garden

It's been a busy week so far. Siying with her brother and mom and dad from Singapore stayed only the one night and wanted to do so much, but quickly learnt to relax a bit and just enjoy the moment. A bad moment was this morning when they went out the front door about 8.00am. In the garden were three kangaroos. I wanted to throw a stick at them and shoo them away, but of course the Singaporeans got out their cameras and were ooing and ahhing at how pretty they were. Later on when Pam was watering the garden, she noticed three native seedlings had been reduced to stalks.  I guess the experience gained by the visitors outweighs the cost of the seedlings, so we just have to factor in the cost of the damage by kangaroos as a cost of business.

Eric and Angie from KL had a good time here and they covered a lot of ground during their 3 night stay. Pity he had a few smokes outside and put the buts in the bin in the bathroom.  I had to clean the bin really thoroughly with lots of disinfectant and it still smells a bit. So far I have resisted putting signs out but may have to do that in the end.

Last Wednesday I went for a horse ride with Terry in Karridale. He has two horses and loves to go riding. We went around a blue gum plantation and had a few canters and gallops, just enough for me to notice this morning a few aches that I can attribute to the riding, which is great. No pain - no gain.  Will definitely go again next week.

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