Monday, May 4, 2009

Ben from Tasmania stayed last night, having checked out of a resort at Prevelly that was not to his liking. He flies a Cessna over all the big cities for Virtual Earth taking detailed aerial photographs and is doing Perth at the moment. He had a few days off while his plane was being serviced and so came down for a bit of surfing. He seemed very happy with his room and was looking forward to coming back again.

Had Dereck the bob cat driver come and re-surface the drive at our front entrance. He put some finer gravel down and after wetting it, ran over it to really compact it and bring the clay to the surface and make it smoother than it was before.  We have really dry, warm weather at the moment so it will dry in a few days and we can use it again. The re-planted lawn is requiring lots of hand watering at the moment also.

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