Monday, April 20, 2009

Three couples leaving today. Megan and Lawrence from Sydney/Tasmania enjoyed following their nose on the way to Cape Leeuwin, so much so that they missed seeing the turnoffs for Lake Cave, Boranup Drive and Jewel Cave. Their excuse was they have been used to doing 300-500km a day on their trek down from Darwin and to Broome and so don't notice the side roads any more. Atleast they made it to the Berry Farm.

Sam is from Perth but living in Sussex. Managed to leave his child with Mum in Mandurah and show his partner a bit of the region. 

Yesterday Pam and I planted out runners to replace the lawn that I had killed. Still got another large area to do today.  Fortunately the edges of the lawn that had not died had grown lots of runners for us to use.

Irene and Clement from Seattle and Singapore were very reluctant to leave yesterday after only one day. Now they know how good the area is, they will be back. Irene couldn't escape the office and spent an hour on Skype. 

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