Thursday, April 30, 2009


Gerard and Taryn left to fly back to Joannesburg tonight. They had booked in for only one night and were going to go to Pemberton but decided to stay another night and see more of the region. 

Had a mens only pizza night last night while the girls went to a quiz night. Terry brought a Stella Bella 06 Tempranillo which is lovely and fruity, we then moved on to Vasse Felix 08 Tempanillo which  is smoother and then Thornhill 07 Tempranillo which was so good I had to open another bottle. I could a couple of pizzas which went down well, and then Terry and Graham rounded off the evening with a glass of port. 

About this time we got a desparate call from the girls that they had been abandoned in town as Pam had shot off home without them. Sure enough 5 minutes later Pam arrived and realised her mistake, so she had to fly back into town and pick them up. All the girls were very cold by this stage as the temperature had really dropped (4 deg this morning) and they quickly poured Graham and Terry into the car for their drive back to Augusta.  

Pam made me sleep in the spare room which was a good thing as I woke up at 1.30 and had a technicolour yawn and then snored so much I have a sore throat this morning on top of my headache.

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