Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eddy and Karan left after escaping from accommodation in town.  The town area was very busy due to the festival this weekend.  They wanted somewhere peaceful to recover from after having to put their much loved dog down.  Casey provided much needed support and even Eske chipped in and got a big cuddle and scratch.  However, Karan still had some way to go as she was very broken up over the loss.  I can sympathise as it is not fun losing a dog that has been part of your life for such a long time.

Pam and I went into Margaret River at 5.30 as the main street had been closed for the opening festival of the Margaret River Region Wine Festival.  There were quite a few stalls and things for kids to do.  Wine tasting was going on in the two pubs but they were too crowded for our liking, so we went to the Visitors Centre and Celestial Bay were holding tastings.  Their 2006 Petit Verdot was brilliant.  We then went to Winos for dinner and the only Petit Verdot they had was a Spanish Auroch so I got a bottle of that.  It was very good also.  I might just have found my favourite wine.

Pam had backstrap of lamb which she said was the best lamb she had ever had, and I had barramundi which was good, but I find appertiser-sized meals without veges non-satisfying.

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