Sunday, April 12, 2009

Busy time this Easter so have employed Rocksand to help out in the kitchen and the rooms. She is great and getting to know our system very rapidly.

Clare, Tony and young Jack with a broken shoulder bone left after two days. Clare is a knitter which Pam immediately found interesting.

Renae barbequed some squid for her and her partner.  She had brought the spicy flour and plates and even scissors to cut the squid.  She had made too much so Pam and I had calamari entre and then BBQ steak.  

Jo did lunch at Kiss-Chasey, briefly looked down at the silly little 18 year olds at Caves House and chilled out at a house in Eagle Bay with her friends.

My raisin bread has been a hit with everyone. 

Finished a batch of KG-15 from India.  Has gone into a funny lacustrine sequence so will have to look at it with the UV.

Richard next door had problems with his pump and tank system again.  Discovered someone had trodden on the pump power cord pulling it out of the socket.

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